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Post Mother's Day Blues

Mother's Day can be full of conflicting emotions for many people, but especially for families raising children from hard places.

For years, our family has struggled to find a way to honor the loss our children felt while honoring my feelings about being the Mom who was walking through life with them. It was a difficult dance that didn't end well most of the time.

This year, I worked really hard to create my own celebration and adorn it with a 'right' attitude. It went pretty well, despite the fact that only 2 of my 11 children were there when dinner started with 1 more joining for the 'after dinner hangout'.

In the days leading up to it, I intentionally celebrated Motherhood by taking myself to coffee one day and allowing myself to eat my favorite snacks for dinner on another. All things I highly recommend and will do again!

Yet, despite my efforts, Monday hit me like a hangover and I've decided that all my efforts had exhausted me. So, I gave myself grace for that too!

And took nap.

Some days will just be easier than others~ Amen??!

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