3 Simple Strategies to Keep From Getting Emotionally Hooked...

Like me, you probably know them all too well...those subtle (or not so subtle!) comments, accusations or name calling that causes an instant reaction in us...Those are the hooks... I can be pretty short tempered at times, I blame my red hair or being the youngest of 5 kids...but in reality, its just a plain old character flaw. But when my kids would fling an insult or get mouthy, it took a TRUCK LOAD of control for me to not launch myself at them. But, I found out pretty quickly in raising kids who came to my with some challenging histories, reacting poorly was like poking a dragon and it NEVER ended well! In his book, Love & Respect in the Family, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs explains that it co

What our 'help' may be saying...

The message I recieved growing up was that, "If you love someone, you do whatever it takes to help them." Saying 'No' was equal to a slap in the face. My parents were great!...very loving, generous and there was no reason to think that this message was faulty in any way. There is a lot of good in that philosophy, but finding the balance between helping, enabling, over-stepping and exhausting ourselves can be very challenging. As parents, we naturally want to make life easier for our kids. We see our role as the providers of home, health and happiness...and to a certain extent, we are! But good intentions can often go too far and we unknowingly send a destructive message in


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