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The Carlson Clan

Hi!  My name is Cathy...and this is my amazing, complicated, awesome tribe!

When I met my husband, David, over 30 years ago, neither one of us could have predicted the crazy ride that God was going to take us on... but here we are---11 children, 2 kiddos-in-law and 5 grandkids later!

 It has been a wild ride for sure and our journey is far from over.  

Although at times the process has been unbearably painful, God has used our broken road to refine us and make us new.

 I had no idea how rough my edges were until He started to work on smoothing them over- OUCH!  lol

There were many times as we journeyed with kids through loss of birth families,  cancer, drug addiction, mental illness, and even gangs that we lost sight of our HOPE...

and we had to navigate some pretty dark days.

And now, God has called me to this incredible ministry of Coaching- walking side-by-side with people as they find their HOPE -whether it is in their marriage, personal life or parenting...


I look forward to sharing  your journey! 



I have had the distinct privilege of working with Ibsen Family Support Network for 5 years, helping them develop and run a support program for Foster and Adoptive Families. 

This program offers education, encouragement, and community to families struggling with challenging children.