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“It is by being awake to God in us that we can increasingly see God in the world around us.”

Henri Nouwen

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As David Benner said so well in his book, The Gift of Being Yourself...

“Christian spirituality involves a transformation of the self that occurs only when God and self are both deeply known. Both, therefore, have an important place in Christian spirituality. There is no deep knowing of God without a deep knowing of self, and no deep knowing of self without a deep knowing of God. John Calvin wrote, “Nearly the whole of sacred doctrine consists in these two parts: knowledge of God and of ourselves"

This is a beautiful description of the deep work done in

 Spiritual Direction- 

discovering self 


discovering God.

Or, put another way...

"Looking at God,

looking at me,


loving one


author unknown



Get to Know me...

Hi~ I'm Cathy, and I'm glad you are here!

The things that have led me to this place...I'm a wife, mom of 11 grown kids (9 adopted), 13 (and counting) grandkids, a professionally trained Life Coach and Spiritual Director.

But the truest, most vital thing about me is that I am a beloved child of God and am being transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit into the likeness of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Teacher.

I believe he has called me to ignite, inspire, and nourish hope in others.

Beloved are here for a reason...maybe we can explore together what that is...


“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

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